The Rose of York, Book 3: Fall from Grace


In a tumultuous era marked by peril and intrigue, reversals of fortune and violent death, the passions of a few rule the destiny of England and change the course of history…

Richard III’s reign is buried in mystery and controversy. For many, he is a monster of biblical proportions. Most historians agree that the usurping Tudors rewrote history to prove him a villain, much as Hitler would have villified Churchill, had he won World War II. The problem is that by the end of the sixteenth century Tudor propaganda had become historical fact. In the familiar Tudor mantra, Richard III plays Cain in “Cain and Abel” and is the wicked uncle who murders his two little nephews in the Tower and poisons his wife to marry his niece. To embellish the fascinating tale of the devil reborn in the guise of Richard III, he is made to be diabolically ugly, a hunchback, born with a tail, who died a coward on the battlefield.

The truth is very different and even more fascinating, and Fall from Grace gives an account of the reign of Richard III based on the actions of Richard’s life, not on the Tudor myth. Here, the last of the long line of Plantagenet kings of Englands stands tall once again to claim his place beside his valiant forebears and change the world with his passion for justice. Here is an Arthurian tale of a reluctant king who fought for justice in a land torn by civil war and was undone by treason. With his death at Bosworth Field died the Age of Chivalry, plunging England into the terror of the bloody reign of the Tudors.

The Rose of York: Fall from Grace is the winner of four prizes and one award.

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“The Rose of York: Fall from Grace is the dynamic, award-winning conclusion to Worth’s Rose of York series of historically accurate novels. Revolving around the tragic figure of King Richard III, Fall from Grace explores his legacy past the conclusion of the protracted war and into the modern day of Western democracy. Pulsing with intrigue, passion, betrayal, murder, war, and fragile hope, Fall from Grace is an immersive page-turner and highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

“This magnificent series is at an end and this last installment is its crowning glory…This impressive volume is not to be missed.”  – The Romantic Times Magazine

Fall from Grace is an amazing, brilliantly composed conclusion… Sandra Worth’s attention to detail, her incredible amount of research and devotion to portraying Richard and those who both loved and hated him as realistically as possible, shines through on every page. I’m sorry to see the trilogy end, but am looking forward to her next book on the War of the Roses. As I’ve said in previous reviews of the Rose of York books, this is a Perfect 10.”  – Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

“A rare talent at creating meaningful, accurate and literary, historical fiction!”Viviane Crystal

“Through the parsing together of timelines, records, and documents that have survived over 500 years of threat and suppression, Worth manages to paint a picture of Richard III that stands in direct conflict with what most people are familiar. The text is far from a didactic gloss of historical dates, names and locations, and it manages to recreate the life of Richard III with such vivacity and personality that it will forever change the mental image of one of history’s most hated monarchs.” –  Dawn Papuga, Book Pleasures

Fall from Grace is the valiant heart of this meticulously researched trilogy . . . A crowning achievement . . . the very definition of award-winning fiction. The Rose of York series is both triumphant and tragic and is highly recommended reading as history is brought to aching, fascinating life in Love & War, Crown of Destiny, and Worth’s final, dazzling glory in this series, Fall from Grace. While the quest to de-vilify and/or vilify Richard III will doubtless continue, Fall from Grace is a worthy end to this epic and evocative trilogy. ”  – Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews

“Historically, Richard III bears a heavy burden as a devious and ambitious ruler tainted by the fate of the princes in the tower… Whether or not Worth changes the opinion of scholars, the author makes a strong case for a …a compassionate and tortured ruler, the last Plantagenet king, maligned by history as villain and murderer but made more human and accessible in this incarnation.”Luan Gaines, Curled up with a Good Book

Fall from Grace is the final book of the Rose of York trilogy. Love & War establishes the foundation of Richard’s character, and Crown of Destiny shows the influences of public life that made Richard the king he would become. The trilogy has won a plethora of awards and deserves them, for its combination of humanity, inspiring writing, years of research, and convincing insight.”Joy Calderwood, Reviewer’s Choice Reviews

“Worth’s Richard III is the Richard no reader can ever forget.”Wendy Dunn, author of Dear Heart, How Like You This?

“Quoting Dale Summers’ words from her review of Crown of Destiny, ‘this is a masterpiece’.” – The Ricardian Register


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Sandra Worth

Sandra is the author of six books chronicling the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty in England and the rise of the Tudors. Five of her novels are the recipients of awards and prizes.Sandra holds an honours B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto, and lectures on the Wars of the Roses, the subject of her novels.

Sandra signed a two book deal with the Penguin Group (USA) in 2007, and a new book deal in 2009 for Pale Rose of England: A Novel of the Tudors. Foreign rights have been sold to six countries.

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