The Rose of York, Book 2: Crown of Destiny


Fifteenth century England is a dangerous place as the Wars of the Roses rage and the passions of a few determine the fate of a nation. After Edward IV’s death in 1483, his detested queen Elizabeth Woodville makes a grab for power in court rotten with intrigue. To avert civil war, Richard of Gloucester must betray his royal brother’s secret, for which another brother has already died. With war looming, to protect those he loves, Richard is forced into the most excruciating decision of his life, one that will change the course of history.

The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny won third place in the 2007 North Texas Book Festival Competition.

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“The historical detail is marvelous. Worth’s depiction of the troubled times, uncertainty of life and the portrayal of historical figures as multidimensional people with good intentions, bad decisions, greed, jealousy and goodness of heart will leave you wanting the next book immediately.” – Deborah Brent, The Romantic Times Book Club.

“With The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny, Canadian author Sandra Worth has penned the sequel to her outstanding historical novel Love & War. The second title in a planned trilogy, Crown Of Destiny is a dramatic retelling of Richard II and the murder of his royal nephews in the Tower of London. Court intrigue abounds as the late Edward IV’s detested queen plots to usurp power, compelling Richard of Gloucester into decisions that alter British history and would give rise to rumor, slander, betrayal, revenge, and a fight against injustice. Like Love & War, this second novel in The Rose Of York trilogy showcases author Sandra Worth’s painstaking historical research, dedication to authenticity, and superbly crafted characters and plotting that are the hallmark of her work. Very highly recommended and entertaining reading, Crown Of Destiny will leave its reader looking eagerly toward the third and final volume of the Rose Of York series.” – Midwest Book Review. Small Press Bookwatch

“A masterpiece.” – The Ricardian Register, quarterly journal of the Richard III Society.

“In this sequel to the gripping The Rose of York: Love and War, Worth does a beautiful, and succinct, job of retelling the well-worn but no less horrific story of Edward IV’s fall from glory… Worth does justice to the story… she makes it absolutely pulse with human emotion. … Crown of Destiny, for all its brevity, is a deep and gripping read. The final installment in this series, Fall from Grace, is due out later this year. I’m going to grab that one as soon as I can.” – Ilysa Magnus, The Historical Novel Society Review. An “Editors’ Choice”

“Ms. Worth’s in-depth research is apparent from the first page with her details of everyday life and the intimate facts of Richard’s life that have been well documented… Crown of Destiny depicts a man torn by family loyalty… There are no fictional characters, and while a little poetic license must be taken due to the distance in time since his life, Ms. Worth makes every effort to stick to what is, in fact, known about this incredibly forward-thinking man. I most highly recommend this wonderful depiction of Richard III and look forward, albeit with a mixture of sadness and enthusiasm, to Book Three, Fall from Grace.” – Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today. A Perfect Ten.

“Sandra Worth knows how to write superb historical fiction! The reader comes to appreciate the depth of Richard’s character in taut suspense through the spare yet plot-driven tale quickly emerging under Worth’s deft, depictive skills. With meticulous research, this author proceeds to engage the reader in truly understanding where the term “blind justice” originated and what it truly means in the life of a respectable and memorable political leader of amazing stature!” – Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews

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