Sandra Worth

The Rose of York, Book 1: Love & War

by Sandra Worth
Love & War is the first book in the Rose of York trilogy.

It has won the Authorlink, Glyph, Royal Palm, and RWA ‘More Than Magic’ awards.

“…both dramatic and evocative in its portrayal of struggling souls making the best choices they can in an unjust world. A deftly written, reader engaging, thoroughly entertaining and enthusiastically recommended historical novel which documents its author as a gifted literary talent.”-Midwest Book Review

The Rose of York, Book 2: Crown of Destiny

by Sandra Worth
Crown of Destiny is the second book in the Rose of York trilogy.

Fifteenth century England is a dangerous place as the Wars of the Roses rage and the passions of a few determine the fate of a nation. After Edward IV’s death in 1483, his detested queen Elizabeth Woodville makes a grab for power in court rotten with intrigue…

The Rose of York, Book 3: Fall from Grace

by Sandra Worth
Fall from Grace is the third book in the Rose of York trilogy.

In a tumultuous era marked by peril and intrigue, reversals of fortune and violent death, the passions of a few rule the destiny of England and change the course of history… Here, the last of the long line of Plantagenet kings of Englands stands tall once again to claim his place beside his valiant forebears and change the world with his passion for justice…

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Fall from Grace’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Fall from Grace

The day dawned brilliant with sunshine for the first double coronation in two hundred years. At the hour of Prime, as church bells pealed across London, with Anne’s train following his, Richard of Gloucester left Westminster Hall for the crowning at the Abbey. Removing his shoes, he walked barefoot on the red carpet, heralds trumpeting the way, followed by his lords and a procession of priests, abbots, bishops, and a cardinal bearing a great Cross high over his head…

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny

The messenger galloped up in a swirl of dust. It was Good Friday, 1483, shortly before the hour of Nones, and the Gloucester household was picnicking beneath a stately weeping willow on the banks of the River Ure. Anne tensed and held her breath, then heaved a sigh of relief, for he did not wear the royal blue and wine livery of the King but a topaz tunic and the badge of the Black Bull.

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Love & War’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Love & War

The messenger tore through the night. The desolate, snowy streets of London posed little danger in the comforting dark, but at London Bridge he reined in his nervous mount. Torches flared along the bridge, casting lurid shadows on the traitors’ heads lining the poles. They leered at him with mocking grins as snowflakes melted into their empty eye-sockets and rotting flesh, pervading the eerie night with menace. He calmed his horse and braced himself.

A Discussion between Wendy J. Dunn and Sandra Worth

Sandra Worth and Wendy J. Dunn discuss writing, reseach and books.

“When I saw his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. I couldn’t believe this handsome young man was Shakepeare’s hump-backed villain! According to the entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica that I read on my return, Richard III was a justician and his brief reign held great promise for the future. That sent me researching,…”