Mark Lichterman

Chapter 1 of ‘For Better or Worse’

Excerpt by Mark Lichterman
from For Better or Worse

Before meeting Mitchell again―because they had met six years earlier―keeping all boys’ hands away from where she knew they shouldn’t be, Marsha Goldman had held herself in tight rein on so many occasions when she had been in passionate situations with young men whom she’d liked, and one whom she thought she loved…

Chapter 1 of ‘Becoming’

Excerpt by Mark Lichterman
from Becoming

The lady and boy stood at the curb.

Watching the stoplight across the wide, busy street, the lady looked forward, waiting for the light to turn to green.

The five-year-old boy at her side looked to his left, watching the light across the smaller street, waiting for it to turn to red.


by Mark Lichterman

“Wonderfully well written, Becoming paints a life picture at times through eyes of both humor and disappointment. I was reared in the rural south but this work transcends ethnic and geographic boundaries so that we can easily identify with Mitch, especially in his quest to lose his virginity. Wit and a great sense of humor come through in a style that holds ones attention long after putting down his book…”

For Better or Worse

by Mark Lichterman

Twisting on the seat, the young woman looked at the receding figure, watching the old man as he crossed the street. When he was no longer in view, facing forward, “Did you see that old man back there, the way he looked at us?” As the convertible waited for the red to change to green, the young man did see the old man. When they began to drive, his eyes had flicked nervously to the rearview mirror and back to the busy, early evening traffic of Neptune Avenue. Glancing at the pretty, darkhaired young woman sitting alongside him, “No,” he said. “What old man?”