Jagadis Bose

Mechanical and Electrical Responses in Living Matter

Article by Jagadis Bose
The first two chapters of Response in the Living and Non-living.

“Unlike muscle, a length of nerve, when mechanically or electrically excited, does not undergo any visible change. That it is thrown into an excitatory state, and that it conducts the excitatory disturbance, is shown however by the contraction produced in an attached piece of muscle, which serves as an indicator….

Response in the Living and Non-Living

Book by
Jagadis Bose

One of the most important scientists of the 20th century is a little known Indian, Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose. He was trained in England and spent most of his life working in the realm of physics and applied biology, namely botany and plant physiology. His works, sadly ignored largely by the west, mark some of the greatest achievements of the century. He demonstrated wireless transmission before Marconi and created a number of sensitive measuring devices based on optics which revealed the most micro growth movements of plants…