Fiction samples

The first few chapters of ‘The Day of the Nefilim’

Excerpt by David Major
from The Day of the Nefilim

THE SUN DARKENS. At first imperceptibly, and then with greater speed, it casts an unfamiliar veil over itself. It is the first eclipse in years.
The people look up at the sky, where some of them notice to the east a star falling to its death, and others watch the hulking disk of the moon that obscures the sun. It was all there in the sky that day, above Barker’s Mill.
After a few minutes, the eclipse is over. The planets creak slowly along their orbits, and soon everything is as it was.

Chapters 1 & 2 of ‘Tritcheon Hash’

Excerpt by Sue Lange
from Tritcheon Hash

“Disengage please, Sylvant Hash.”

“Disengaged,” Slvt. Tritcheon Hash answered. “And fucked!” she added.

“I’m sorry?” The reply through the voice feeder was pretending it had missed that last thing.

“Nothing,” Tritch said, switching off the vox. “Nothing. Nothing.”

Blame her impatience on the fact that she’d been sitting in a one-size-fits-all seat for the past six hours. She had spent most of that time trying to revive parts of her body that had fallen asleep. It was an impossible task, since the hemp straps held her securely in place just like the procedural manuals liked it. S

Chapter 1 of ‘For Better or Worse’

Excerpt by Mark Lichterman
from For Better or Worse

Before meeting Mitchell again―because they had met six years earlier―keeping all boys’ hands away from where she knew they shouldn’t be, Marsha Goldman had held herself in tight rein on so many occasions when she had been in passionate situations with young men whom she’d liked, and one whom she thought she loved…

Chapter 1 of ‘Becoming’

Excerpt by Mark Lichterman
from Becoming

The lady and boy stood at the curb.

Watching the stoplight across the wide, busy street, the lady looked forward, waiting for the light to turn to green.

The five-year-old boy at her side looked to his left, watching the light across the smaller street, waiting for it to turn to red.

Preface to ‘The Rose of York: Love and War’

Article by
Roxane Murph

The Wars of the Roses, the fifteenth century dynastic conflict between the houses of Lancaster and York for the crown of England, had its origin in 1399. In that year, John of Gaunt’s eldest son, Henry of Bolingbroke, who had been exiled by his cousin Richard II, returned to England with an army.

Chapter 1 of ‘The Light in the Labyrinth’

Excerpt by Wendy J. Dunn
from The Light in the Labyrinth

“You were foolish to marry him,” Kate said, perched on the edge of her mother’s unmade bed. Her family had more troubles than most. They were of noble blood, yet poor. Kate balled her hands in anger, thinking, ’Tis my mother’s fault. She’s the one who has brought shame on us. A sister of the Queen of England should know better than to wed a commoner…

Chapter 1 of ‘Dear Heart, How Like You This?’

Excerpt by Wendy J. Dunn
from Dear Heart, How Like You This?

My Anna was dark and lovely—full of life’s burning light. How strongly my love’s fire did blaze. Too strong, yea, too strong for this world. For her bright, burning light has forever been put out; aye, put out, and my life is eternally dark. Too dark tout de suite for me to ever see the end of my despair…

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Fall from Grace’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Fall from Grace

The day dawned brilliant with sunshine for the first double coronation in two hundred years. At the hour of Prime, as church bells pealed across London, with Anne’s train following his, Richard of Gloucester left Westminster Hall for the crowning at the Abbey. Removing his shoes, he walked barefoot on the red carpet, heralds trumpeting the way, followed by his lords and a procession of priests, abbots, bishops, and a cardinal bearing a great Cross high over his head…

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny

The messenger galloped up in a swirl of dust. It was Good Friday, 1483, shortly before the hour of Nones, and the Gloucester household was picnicking beneath a stately weeping willow on the banks of the River Ure. Anne tensed and held her breath, then heaved a sigh of relief, for he did not wear the royal blue and wine livery of the King but a topaz tunic and the badge of the Black Bull.

Chapter 1 of ‘The Rose of York: Love & War’

Excerpt by Sandra Worth
from The Rose of York: Love & War

The messenger tore through the night. The desolate, snowy streets of London posed little danger in the comforting dark, but at London Bridge he reined in his nervous mount. Torches flared along the bridge, casting lurid shadows on the traitors’ heads lining the poles. They leered at him with mocking grins as snowflakes melted into their empty eye-sockets and rotting flesh, pervading the eerie night with menace. He calmed his horse and braced himself.

A Discussion between Wendy J. Dunn and Sandra Worth

Sandra Worth and Wendy J. Dunn discuss writing, reseach and books.

“When I saw his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. I couldn’t believe this handsome young man was Shakepeare’s hump-backed villain! According to the entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica that I read on my return, Richard III was a justician and his brief reign held great promise for the future. That sent me researching,…”