The Rose of York, Book 1: Love & War

by Sandra Worth
Love & War is the first book in the Rose of York trilogy.

It has won the Authorlink, Glyph, Royal Palm, and RWA ‘More Than Magic’ awards.

“…both dramatic and evocative in its portrayal of struggling souls making the best choices they can in an unjust world. A deftly written, reader engaging, thoroughly entertaining and enthusiastically recommended historical novel which documents its author as a gifted literary talent.”-Midwest Book Review

The Rose of York, Book 2: Crown of Destiny

by Sandra Worth
Crown of Destiny is the second book in the Rose of York trilogy.

Fifteenth century England is a dangerous place as the Wars of the Roses rage and the passions of a few determine the fate of a nation. After Edward IV’s death in 1483, his detested queen Elizabeth Woodville makes a grab for power in court rotten with intrigue…

The Rose of York, Book 3: Fall from Grace

by Sandra Worth
Fall from Grace is the third book in the Rose of York trilogy.

In a tumultuous era marked by peril and intrigue, reversals of fortune and violent death, the passions of a few rule the destiny of England and change the course of history… Here, the last of the long line of Plantagenet kings of Englands stands tall once again to claim his place beside his valiant forebears and change the world with his passion for justice…

The Light in the Labyrinth

by Wendy J. Dunn

“…a terrific read not just for young adults, but for all ages. Wendy has done a fantastic job bringing to life a young Katherine Carey that anyone who has ever been a teenager can identify with. It was refreshing to see Anne through the eyes of an innocent who had not yet been jaded by the intrigues at Henry’s Court…”

Dear Heart, How Like You This?

by Wendy J. Dunn

Dear Heart is a heart-rending tale of love and loss. Narrated by the poet Thomas Wyatt, the reader embarks on a fascinating journey that takes us from the yews of Hever Castle in Kent to the intrigue-laden courts of England, France, and Rome, as Wyatt recalls his desperate, and often helpless, desire for a woman whom he cannot save – the ill-fated Anne Boleyn.


by Mark Lichterman

“Wonderfully well written, Becoming paints a life picture at times through eyes of both humor and disappointment. I was reared in the rural south but this work transcends ethnic and geographic boundaries so that we can easily identify with Mitch, especially in his quest to lose his virginity. Wit and a great sense of humor come through in a style that holds ones attention long after putting down his book…”

Tritcheon Hash

by Sue Lange

This is inventive feminist sci-fi that goes for laughs, not lectures, while still supplying the jolt and provocation good speculative work requires. Perhaps the most illuminating of its many running jokes — and I do mean running; our heroine here is a natural-born speed demon — are the many nightmare exaggerations of how males can seem to the so-called fairer sex…

For Better or Worse

by Mark Lichterman

Twisting on the seat, the young woman looked at the receding figure, watching the old man as he crossed the street. When he was no longer in view, facing forward, “Did you see that old man back there, the way he looked at us?” As the convertible waited for the red to change to green, the young man did see the old man. When they began to drive, his eyes had flicked nervously to the rearview mirror and back to the busy, early evening traffic of Neptune Avenue. Glancing at the pretty, darkhaired young woman sitting alongside him, “No,” he said. “What old man?”

The Day of the Nefilim

by David Major

“There is nothing more joyous to me than discovering new, raw creativity. David Major, regardless of his hallucinogen(s) of choice, is a rare find and a fun read. With a smidgeon of Douglas Adams he spends all of six pages before rearranging our world with a sledgehammer and sending us down into underground caves, underworld civilizations in a ship that sails the winds of time. While Major hints occasionally at the science and history behind his bizarre story, it almost doesn’t matter as this great book if a delightful fantasy and well worth the read.”